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The plans recently proposed as Draft Amendments to the National Capital Plan for Canberra are described by the Walter Burley Griffin Society as an inadequate and unacceptable planning and design response to the promise of The Griffin Legacy study. This study was undertaken ‘to protect the integrity of the Griffin Plan, recognizing its stature as a work of both national and international significance.’. It was prepared by the National Capital Authority (NCA) and widely acclaimed when it was published in 2004 as a significant re-examination of the Griffin Plan.

However despite this good foundation work completed more than two years ago, major aspects of the recent proposals are significant departures from the Griffin Plan for Canberra that would be very detrimental to public amenity, and to the vision that Griffin had for Canberra that has only in part been realised.

For further details view the pdfs below:

Media Release

WBGS response to NCA proposal