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This public meeting with a panel of eminent speakers has been called by the Lake War Memorials Forum, a group of concerned organisations including the Walter Burley Griffin Society’s Canberra Chapter.

Operating behind closed doors and indifferent to overwhelming public opposition, a group called the Memorials Development Committee has been allocated land on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin to construct two unsightly, unnecessary monoliths which have been rejected by many veterans. The existing Australian War Memorial provides a fitting monument to those who served in the two world wars.

The Walter Burley Griffin Society is concerned about the adverse impacts on Griffin’s land axis and the design and vistas of his National Capital plan.

Further information:

PUBLIC MEETING Save The Lake Shore - Stop these unnecessary memorials! Wednesday 23 March 2011, 7.30pm Albert Hall, Canberra |

Photo montage Karina Lee, reproduced with permission of the Lake War Memorial Forum