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This school kit is to assist Year 5 and Year 6 students and their teachers preparing for their visit to Canberra, the national capital, Australia.

This kit contains:

  • Introduction
  • Materials needed
  • Activity sheets (as pdfs) and related subject areas


Listed below are the subject areas that this school kit relates to with a brief summary of the content covered in the school kit as well as what the worksheets apply to.

Materials needed by the students

  • a clip board or desk
  • pen or pencil for writing
  • coloured pencils (for Map Activity Sheet)
  • paste and scissors (for Timeline Activity Sheet)
  • print outs of activity sheet pdfs below

Subject areas


  • A single page story about Marion Mahony Griffin and Walter Burley Griffin and their winning entry for the National Capital Competition.
  • A half page story about the Griffins’ work in Sydney.
  • Comprehension questions and a multiple choice quiz about these stories.
  • A crossword for students to complete.

Story Activity Sheets (pdf 44k)
Crossword Activity Sheet (pdf 136k)


  • A timeline starting at 1900 and extending to 1928.
  • Images, related to the planning and building of Canberra, that can be cut out and pasted by students in the correct location on the timeline.

Timeline Activity Sheets  (pdf 370k)

Science and Technology

  • The Griffins’ plan of Canberra
  • Activities using coloured pencils to indicate on the plan the intent and geometry of the Griffins’ plan design.

Plan Activity Sheet (pdf 121k)